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What You'll Learn in 1 Hour

Supercharge Leads

Part 1

How to use SEO, social media, and referral strategies to increase your leads.

Increase Revenue Per Client

Part 2 

Design your brand experience, set up ideal packages, and understand pricing psychology.

Close Your Sales

Part 3

Understand how to sell without being "salesy."  Learn how to close the majority of your leads.

The Psychology of Luxury Consumers
How to Build Luxury Experience
Pricing Packages and Psychology
Establish Value to Charge What You Want
Create A Steady Stream Of Leads
Boost Search Rankings for a Sustainable Stream of Leads
Short Viral Video Marketing for Social Media
Turn Your Website Into a Traffic Generating Machine
Collaborative Shoots and Giveaways
How Good Sales Makes You a Better Photographer
Master the Art of Sales w/out Being Salesy
Overcome Your Fear of Sales and Asking

... and Much More!

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