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Comprehensive Photography Education 

SLR Lounge Premium

All of the training you need to master the creative and technical side of portrait and wedding photography.

In fact, this is the same creative training manual that we use to train our photographers within a 7-figure photography studio!

In SLR Lounge Premium, you'll master the following concepts:

  • Mastering your camera, compositions, and creative skills
  • Lighting and off-camera flash¬†for natural¬†and dramatic effects
  • Posing and body language for men, women, couples, and groups
  • Advanced raw image processing and workflow via Lightroom
  • Wedding photography through every portion of a wedding day
  • Family and newborn photography roadmaps
  • Headshot photography
  • And much more!


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12-Month Business Mentorship

$10K for $2K

$10K for $2K is a group mentorship program with weekly online meetings and done-for-you templates to accelerate your business success.

This is a PROVEN step-by-step roadmap along with the accountability you need to scale your business to $10K+ per month!

In $10K for $2K, you'll find guidance on the following concepts:

  • Building a consistent, memorable, story-driven brand¬†
  • How to develop a website that converts visits to actual leads
  • Pricing to maximize conversion, profit, and sustainability
  • How to market with viral social media (including templates)
  • A complete SEO¬†roadmap to generate leads and consistent traffic
  • Proven sales strategies to convert your leads into clients
  • Templates for pricing/experience guides, website content, etc
  • And much more!


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Option 2 

Training Systems and Workshops (Stand alone) 

Our workshops provide leading education on specific topics. They provide A-Z, step-by-step instruction for real world success.

Flash Photography Training System

Flash Does Not Have to Be Complicated. We break down the concepts of flash into a step-by-step, easy-to-understand framework that gives you a full mastery and control of flash.

  • 101 | On Camera Flash
  • 201 | Off Camera Flash
  • 301 | Multi Point Setups for Dramatic Flash
  • 401 | Recreating Natural Light with Flash

Runtime: 35h | Level: Beginner-Advanced

Wedding Photography Training System

This system includes 10 YEARS of experience that took 3 FULL YEARS to film and produce. EVERYTHING we've learned from our REAL-WORLD experience is included. In fact, it's the exact same training system Lin & Jirsa associate photographers use.

  • Planning & Communication
  • Photographing the Groom
  • Photographing the Bride
  • Photographing the Couple
  • Photographing the Ceremony
  • Photographing the Details
  • Photographing Groups
  • Photographing the Reception

Runtime: 70h | Level: Beginner-Advanced

Photography Business Training System

ALL of our strategies, templates, and workflows to build a successful and sustainable photography business.  Transform your business and build the business of your dreams.

  • 101 | The Business Plan
  • 201 | Pricing and Product Design
  • 301 | SEO and Marketing
  • 401 | Sales and Closing

Runtime: 30h | Level: Beginner-Advanced

Advanced Special Effects

Creative advanced special effects (SFX) such as shutter drags, "ring of fire," and more to level up your photography.

Runtime: TBD | Level: Advanced

Family Photography

Guide to authentic and unique family portraits. Master posing, lighting, creativity, storytelling, editing, marketing & more.

Runtime: 4h | Level: Beginner-Advanced

Creative (Mobile) Photography

Creative Photography 101 is designed to train your creative muscles. Taught with an iPhone camera with concepts applicable to all photographers.

Runtime: 4h | Level: Beginner

Posing Workshop

Master the nuances of posing and directing for men, women, couples and groups with this framework.

Runtime: 8h | Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Maternity Photography

Complete workshop for maternity photos, from safety considerations to posing, lighting, editing, marketing & more.

Runtime: 3.5h | Level: Beginner-Advanced

Lightroom Editing

Mastering Adobe Lightroom is designed for both absolute beginners and seasoned professional photographers.

Runtime: 10h+ | Level: Beginner-Advanced

Engagement Photography

From communication to capture, this course will teach you how to create stunning engagement photography using the gear you already have.

Runtime: 4h | Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Milky Way Photography

Learn shooting and editing for nightscape photography. Whether you're taking a fun camping trip or you want to add nighscapes to your portraiture, this workshop will give you the tools and knowledge you need to create incredible imagery.

Runtime: 2h | Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Photography 101

Photography 101 is the best workshop for teaching photographers, from the ground up, how to take amazing professional images.Dive into the fundamentals of photography as we take you on 6 real-life photo shoots, show you all the behind-the-scenes on how we captured each image, and give you a complete understanding of how shot, lit, posed, exposed, and composed each scene.


Headshot Photography

Get clean, simple, professional headshots anywhere on any budget. Learn lighting, directing, posing, and more with gear budgets that range from DIY to professional.

Runtime: 4h | Level: Beginner

Wanderlust Workshop

Learn how to shoot and edit dark and moody portraits.  Embrace shadows. Find emotion. Craft your story. Learn how to expose, frame, and create raw wanderlust style imagery.


Runtime: 1h 45m | Level: Intermediate-advanced

S3 Shooting Stories that Sell

Start selling by storytelling! Learn how to create the images your clients want to purchase.

Runtime: 6h | Level: Advanced

Unscripted | Photoshoot BTS

Behind The Scenes On Real Client Shoots. View All Of Our Camera Settings. Hear Our Client Communication & Posing Direction
Reinforce Techniques Learned in Other Workshops. (Does NOT Include Step-By-Step Instruction)

Runtime: 3h | Level: Advanced

Panoramic Stitching | (Brenizer Method)

Each course is designed to take you through the step-by-step process, weaving you through in-camera settings to post-production composites, starting with natural light panoramic stitching then adding off-camera flash, and finally implementing a Tilt-Shift lens to create surreal imagery.

Runtime: 5h | Level: Advanced

Newborn Photography Workshop

Master Newborn Photography 8 Hours of HD Video Instruction 45 RAW Exercise Files 74 Lightroom Presets, 2 Photoshop Actions Total File Size: 7.4GB

Runtime: 4h | Level: Beginner

Lightroom Presets

Designed to help users achieve a variety of looks, this system has been an industry standard for professional Lightroom Presets. The system is designed to educate and empower creatives to arrive at virtually any look by stacking and layering presets effects.

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All Workshops (excluding the $10K for $2K mentorship) are included in the SLR Lounge Premium subscription.

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Option 4 

Legacy Workshops

Legacy workshops are courses and resources that 1) have been superseded by newer workshops or 2) contain styles, information, or content that do not fit the current focus of SLR Lounge.

Natural Light Couples Photography

Our first workshop on portraiture that remains our best seller, this workshop teaches posing, lighting, planning, editing and much more for couples portraits.  While still relevant, this workshop has been superseded by Engagement Photography 101.

Runtime: 4h | Level: Beginner-Advanced

Recreating Golden Hour

Use Flash & Lightroom to mimic the sun. While still relevant, this workshop has been superseded by Lighting 4 in the Flash Training System.

Runtime: 2h 30m | Includes Exercise Files & Select Presets | Level: Advanced

HDR Photography

Workshop for bracketed HDR photography techniques. With advances in dynamic range of cameras and Lightroom capabilities, this workshop is no longer relevant unless you are interested in learning about bracketed HDR photography.

Runtime: 10h | Level: Beginner-Advanced

From Shoot to Post

Create CohesiveScenes, Establish Signature Styles, And Implement An Efficient Post-Processing Workflow.  While still relevant, the workshop has been superseded by the S3 Shooting Stories that Sell Workshop.

Runtime: 6h | Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Smoke Texture Pack

Amazing smoke & fog effects Over 400 Smoke Textures Create Smoke Texture Fine Art Add Believable Smoke in 5 Steps Learn to Create Your Own Smoke Textures Total File Size: 3.16 GB

While still relevant, we placed this workshop in our legacy section since Photoshop resources are not a primary focus for our community. 

Photoshop Paper Textures

Unique, handmade textures Over 230 Handmade, Custom Textures - Crumpled, Burned, Scratched, & Torn for a Unique Look 2.5 Hours of HD Videos & All Exercise Files Combine Textures to Create Unique Blends in Photoshop Total File Size: 5.1 GB

While still relevant, we placed this workshop in our legacy section since Photoshop resources are not a primary focus for our community. 

Cloud Pack

Seamlessly integrate clouds to add beautiful skies to your images. Over 450 High-Resolution JPEG Cloud Images Well Organized and Categorized JPEGs for Ease-of-Use Full Tutorials on SLR Lounge Total File Size: 4.85GB

While still relevant, we placed this workshop in our legacy section since Photoshop resources are not a primary focus for our community. 

Fitness Retouching

Learn a range of techniques for fitness photography like how to clean up skin, how to go for natural skin color tones, how to retouch, how to replace backgrounds, and more!

Available in Premium Only | Not available for individual purchase

12 Week SEO

This program walks you through exercises and assignments, week-by-week, step-by-step, to help you increase search traffic to your website. While still relevant, this workshop has been superseded by Photography Business 301 | SEO and Marketing in the Photography Business Training System.

Available in Premium Only | Not available for individual purchase

Want Full Access?

All Workshops (excluding the $10K for $2K mentorship) are included in the SLR Lounge Premium subscription.

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