Engagement Photography 101 

Incredible Authentic Imagery, Nothing but Natural Light

From communication to capture, this course will teach you how to create stunning engagement photography using the gear you already have.


Workshop Includes

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Learn how to take incredible engagement photos

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Highly edited content that won't waste your time

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Full Lightroom post-production education

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Join our community for Q&A, critique, and networking

Our Guarantee

This course is about giving you the tools to communicate and direct your way into incredible engagement photographs. You’ll walk away with imagery that will serve as organic marketing tools in helping you gain more clients.. 

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Simple Gear, Incredible Results

You don’t need expensive lights or fancy gear. All you need is your camera, your favorite prime lenses, and a tripod. From there, the techniques this course will open up a world of creative possibilities.

Creativity with the Tools You Already Have 

Powerful Imagery Anywhere Using Only Natural Light 

We take you to 4 vastly different engagement photography locations to prove you can achieve incredible results wherever you are! We want you to be comfortable shooting in any location, so we chose the four scenes you’ll likely be shooting in most: parks, beaches, urban cities and old town environments.

With behind the scenes filming for each location, you'll master creativity & composition in every location with minimal gear for powerful results.

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Add Motion & Special Effects

Time is a Compositional Tool

When we think of compositional tools, we often think of framing, lighting and even the camera's aperture. But, motion is one of the most interesting compositional tools in your creative toolkit, a tool that too often we forget about. 

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Composition Begins with Your Lens

Your Lens Choice Matters! 

You'll walk away understanding how tighter focal lengths can help you crop and control your compositions (as shown here). Meanwhile wider focal lengths can transport the viewer right into the emotion of a scene. 


Words Every Client Will Say:

"We're awkward, but we want photos that are natural and authentic.”

Your clients hired you because they want authentic portraits. We’ll help you achieve authenticity by giving you everything you need to say to your clients to elicit genuine emotion. This includes everything from directional cues to posing guidance.

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Never Struggle With Posing Again

This course focuses a lot on communication and perfecting your couples posing. You'll learn our foolproof Foundation Posing Framework for getting couples warmed up and comfortable.

It's all about the expression

Having learned the Foundation Posing Framework, we'll move on to directing and cues that elicit the perfect expression to match your vision for a particular moment. 


Create Organic Marketing Tools

Incredible Engagement Photos Speak For You!

Amazing engagement photos are one of your best organic marketing tools as your clients share their imagery leading up to the wedding. Your client's friends and network get to know you and your style without ever meeting you in person.

With all of the direction and posing cues we provide you with in this workshop, you'll confidently be able to give your clients an unforgettable experience they won't stop talking about. 

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Master Natural Light Before Using Flash

Before you jump into Lighting 101 to Lighting 401, spend the time to master natural light as it will make you that much better once you decide to add flash!

Every image within this course is shot using natural light only, and uses the gear you likely already have. No need for assistants, extra lighting gear, or heavy stands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

Chapter One – Park & Nature Engagement Photography

  • How to Communicate to Instill Trust
  • Foundation Posing Crash Course for Your Clients
  • Your First Shot: Set the Tone with Soft, Flat Light
  • 10 Steps to Set Up and Shoot Incredible Engagement Portraits in Any Scene
  • Add Interest with Foreground Elements and Special Effects
  • Shooting for a Bright, Whimsical Look
  • Make It Snow with Foreground Elements
  • Natural Environments Post-Production, Part One

Chapter Two – Beach Engagement Photography

  • Beach Safety Tips
  • Creating Epic Environmental Portraits
  • Directing For Authentic Expressions
  • Using Hard Light to Shape the Body
  • How to Use Foreground Elements to Tell a Story
  • Work Quick When the Light is Perfect!
  • Directing Motion for Added Interest
  • Epic Shutter Drags to Show Water Movement
  • Don't Miss the Cotton Candy Colors at Dusk
  • Culling and Post Production Shortcuts

Chapter Three – Urban Engagement Photography

  • Urban Introduction
  • Finding Existing Natural Light Modifiers
  • Place Your Subjects in the Light!
    Making Use of a Hard Directional Backlight
  • How to Emphasize a Natural Hair Light
  • Creating Depth with Hard Light
    Activity Based Engagement Photography at the Pie Hole
  • Culling and Post Production

Chapter Four – Downtown/City Engagement Photography

  • The Art of Framing and Controlling Backgrounds
  • Finding and Utilizing Natural Leading Lines
  • Creating Depth with Hard Light Part II
  • Soft Light Freeway Underpass
    Place Your Subjects in the Light Part II
  • Shutter Drag Street Photo + Post Production
  • Culling and Post Production