The Flash Photography Training System

A-Z Training To Master Flash Photography

Flash Does Not Have to Be Complicated. We break down the concepts of flash into a step-by-step, easy-to-understand framework that gives you a full mastery and control of flash.

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Bundle and save when you purchase our BEST SELLING WORKSHOPS: Lighting 101, 201, 3, and 4! The Flash Photography Training System is the gold standard in lighting education, and since its inception, we’ve become official educational partners and ambassadors for MagMod and Profoto Legends of Light.

Lighting 101

The Fundamentals of Flash Photography

Amazing imagery doesn't have to mean expensive gear. EVERY image in this workshop is created with just one on camera flash and basic light modifiers.

   60 individual lessons
  Access to Lighting Community
  9 Hours of Education
  74 Slides

Directional On Camera Flash
Dramatic Fitness Portraits with On Camera Flash
Understanding Lighting Modifiers
Natural Looking Flash
Creative Engagement Photos with On Camera Flash
Soft Light Family Portraits
Understanding White Balance
Re-creating Golden Hour Hard Light

... Much More!

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Lighting 201

Single Source Off-Camera Light Shaping

Still using inexpensive gear and modifiers, we show you the power of one off-camera flash for creative photography.

✓ 64 individual lessons
✓ Access to Lighting Community
✓ 11 Hours of Education
✓ 71 Slides

Off-Camera Flash For Natural Results
Off-Camera Flash for Dramatic Images
Learn Creative Off-Camera Flash
Use Gobos to Create Mood
Master the "Whip Pan" Technique
Freeze Motion w/ Flash For Creativity
Modify and Refine Light
Master the Shutter Drag

... Much More!

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Lighting 3

Location Lighting For Dramatic Portraits

Learn all about multi-point lighting to create images that stand out from the crowd using highly portable gear and light modifiers.

✓ 25 individual lessons
✓ Access to Lighting Community
✓ 9 Hours of Education
✓ 60+ RAW Exercise Files

2-Light Stacking for Painterly Portraits
Double Diffusion w/ Rim Lighting for Definition
Double Backlight for Two-Subject Portraits
3-Light Starburst Light Pattern
3-Light Starburst Light Pattern Part II
How Gels Manipulate Ambient Light
Our 3 Favorite Gels for Ambient Light Manipulation
Brushing Up on the Portable Silhouette

... Much More!

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Lighting 4

Creating Every Natural Light Effect Using Flash

This course teaches you the most advanced and refined step of your lighting toolkit: learning to create any form of natural light effect using any light.

✓ 19 individual lessons
✓ Access to Lighting Community
✓ 6+ Hours of Education
✓ 50+ RAW Exercise Files

Creating Large Portable Window Light
Creating a Direct Window Light
Perfect In-Camera Flares w/ Compositing
Backlighting as a Main Light
Re-Creating Mid-day Hard Sun w/ Godox
Re-Creating Light & Airy Afternoon Backlight
Enhancing Late Afternoon Indoor Backlight
Re-creating Golden Hour Hard Light

... Much More!

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Join Thousands of Students in Mastering Flash!

I was hesitant to purchase this course, especially after having bought other SLR Lounge products in the past and never really sitting down to use or watch them. I decided to buy this anyway and watched it while on a plane flight to Mexico. I have to say -- I learned so much from the first 4 chapters, I was extremely pleased I bought it! It has made me so much more confident with Flash photography, helped me understand why I failed so miserably in the past with multiple flashes, and is a good starting point to get to the next level. As soon as I got home, I set up multiple flashes right before sunset, tried out whatever I still remembered from the courses, and sure enough: the pictures came out much, much better. In 3 weeks, I'll have an outdoor wedding to shoot -- I'll be a nervous wreck since this would be my first one where flash cannot be bounced off any walls or ceiling. However, with what I have learned through this course, I am hopeful that this will be one of my best work yet. - Michael Yuen

What's great about these tutorials is not only the technical set-up etc, which one would expect, but the extra detail, which although I have shot a few of these setups (not as expertly or I wouldn't be watching!), I had often not managed to quantify why a shot doesn't work or doesn't feel right. Details such as the client not looking into the camera in this one seems obvious, but personally I hadn't registered exactly why I didn't like some of my own shots, and this is like a lightbulb moment....... - Tessa S, Premium Member
- Jenny S.

Wish I could give 6 stars! I've watched other educational videos on lighting, and I find this was by far, the most informative and entertaining! Amazing work guys! can't wait for Lighting 201! - Jason W.
- Jenny S.

It's THE BEST lighting course I've seen so far for beginners. I was actually getting frustrated trying to jump into remote/multiple flashes. It always sounds easy looking at videos on Youtube; far more complex when getting your hands dirty trying it. Starting from one light, with a fixed location and understanding how to build the light pattern you want using reflectors has given me a far better understanding. Definitely worth the money! Looking forward to Lighting 201 once I am comfortable with one light. - Jean-Philippe Thierry

Wow, this is soooooooo good, i absolutely love this course, great techniques and easy to understand. I was also impressed with the film production, great job Pye and crew! - Timothy B, Premium Member

Another remarkably informative tutorial from you guys. This one particularly helpful for my own work at this stage in my photography - where you understand the use of flash, but not sure how some of the more creative shots are completed. The chapter dedicated to equipment options has had a significant impact on how I'm selecting my next lighting purchases, and how to know the limits of those purchases. Thank you guys for the production of this tutorial and I look forward to the 301 series. - Benjamin D.

This class was perfect to refine some of the techniques and knowledge already acquired. It's definitely worth watching and listening as Pye breaks it down to simple understandable language. - Rick Garcia

Just purchased and watched about 3 hours of video so far and I can say it's worth every penny. - James Padin

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