The Family Photography Training System

Your Blueprint For Consistent $1,000+ Family Portraits

Learn the photography skills and business frameworks you need to grow your family photography business, constantly book high ticket sessions, and create ecstatic, returning clients.


Master the Art and Business of Luxury Family Photography Sessions

You don't have to sacrifice passion for profit.  You CAN create a unique, deeply meaningful artwork for your clients while generating an income that provides you with the lifestyle of your dreams.

By the end of this training system, you'll walk away with the following:


Better Family Photography Skills

Build an Incredible Portfolio w/ Better Posing, Lighting, Storytelling, Composition and Creativity.


Business Strategies to Grow Your Business

Elevate Your Business by Implementing These Marketing, Pricing, and Sales Strategies.


Profitable Mini Session Framework

In our bonus guide, learn how to add thousands of dollars to your annual revenue with Mini Sessions.

Key Takeaways 

Gain a Mastery of ... 

This course will fasttrack your family photography career with the following topics:


✓ Posing

Natural directing and posing for authentic expressions.

✓ Lighting

Simple lighting for flattering results.

✓ Creativity

Stand out with creative compositions and ideas.

✓ Storytelling

Tell a story for more meaningful images.

✓ Photo Editing

Full photo editing tutorials to refine your images.

✓ Marketing

Learn marketing hacks to supercharge your bookings.

✓ Pricing Strategies

Position yourself in the market competitively and profitably.

✓ Mini Sessions

Position yourself in the market competitively and profitably.


Take the First Step to

Elevate Your Career

Gain the knowledge and skills to create masterful family photography, attract elite clientele, and elevate your business to the premium market.


The Family Photography Training System

From communication and capture to profit and scale, this course will teach you how to elevate your family photography skills and business.

Over 30 Lessons

Learn how to take unforgettable family photos

4+ Hours of Content

Highly edited content that won't waste your time

Editing Secrets

Full Lightroom post-production education without AI.


Join our community for Q&A, critique, and networking

Let's Get Started!

Learn how to 

Overcome These Common Mistakes

Memorize Poses

Direct and Cue for Authentic Expressions

Use posing cues to direct your families into genuine, meaningful expressions and interactions.

Take Boring, Safe, Standard Portraits

Story tell Through Lifestyle Portraits

Traditional family portraits, with all members looking into the camera, are a must-have for any session. But it doesn't have to end there. Add in storytelling for impactful and fun lifestyle portraits.

Undervalue Yourself

Price Yourself to Reflect Your Value

Pricing is one of the trickiest concepts for photographers.  We'll teach you a framework for setting up and presenting your pricing to reflect your value.

Do the same things and expect different results

Marketing Secrets for More Clients!

Learn how to make every social post into a client acquisition with our tips & tricks on how to market your family photography. We'll even step into the business side to answer some of your most asked questions when it comes to pricing and digital vs. IPS studio models.

We'll Also Teach You ...

  • How to Choose the Right Locations
  • Must-have Gear and Accessories
  • How to Instruct Your Clients on Wardrobe and Makeup
  • Foundational vs Action Poses
  • Standard vs Creative Compositions
  • Upfront vs IPS Pricing Models
  • How to Determine and Present Your Pricing
  • How to Understand what Clients Truly Value
  • How to Understand Your Clients' Style Preferences
  • When to Set Up a New Brand for This Niche
  • ... and Much More!

Plus a Bonus Digital Ebook

Profitable Mini Sessions

This supplemental bonus ebook is dedicated to setting up and running profitable mini sessions on repeat.  This includes what software to use for scheduling, pricing options and examples, marketing tips and more!


Your instructors

Meet Pye & Shivani


With over 20 years of combined experience photographing family photography sessions, Pye and Shivani are the ideal instructors and coaches for this program.

Pye has trained thousands of photographers from around the world with his proven frameworks in Wedding Photography, Flash Photography, The Business of Photography and much more.  He now applies that same step-by-step approach to Family Photography in this workshop.

Shivani has also instructed many SLR Lounge workshops, and owns her own successful wedding and portrait studio in Southern California.

Ready to achieve your goal? Choose your plan below:

Family Photography Training System


one time payment (Regularly $126)

  • Lifetime Access to This Workshop
  • Access to Our Vibrant Community & Forum
  • Streaming From Anywhere, Anytime

SLR Lounge Premium


per year

  • Access EVERY SLR Lounge Workshop
  • Access to Our Vibrant Community & Forum
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This course is perfect for you if ...

  • You're a photographer from a related field, such as wedding, headshot, or commercial, looking to add this lucrative niche to your existing business.
  • You're an amateur photographer who wants to turn your passion into a business or side hustle. 
  • You have a successful family photography business and want to study additional frameworks and systems that can improve your skills or increase your profit.

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