Family Photography 101

The Guide to Authentic and Unique Family Portraits

From communication to capture, this course will teach you how to create family photos meant to be cherished for a lifetime.

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Workshop Includes

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Learn how to take unforgettable family photos

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Highly edited content that won't waste your time

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Full Lightroom post-production education

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Join our community for Q&A, critique, and networking

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Key Concepts

Capture the essence of a family in just a few clicks

This course will fasttrack your family photography career with the following topics:

 Posing - Natural directing and posing for authentic expressions.

 Lighting - Simple lighting for flattering results.

 Creativity - Stand out with creative compositions and ideas.

 Storytelling - Tell a story for more meaningful images.

 Editing - Full photo editing tutorials to refine your images.

 Marketing - Learn marketing hacks to supercharge your bookings.

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Overcome These Common Challenges

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Stick to Traditional Portraits
Learn Traditional & Lifestyle Portraits

Traditional family portraits, with all members looking into the camera, are a must-have for any session.  But it doesn't have to end there.  Add in storytelling and action for impactful and fun lifestyle portraits.

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Use the Same Poses Over and Over
Pose & direct for the sweetest moments

Learn how our easy Foundation Posing Framework applies to family photography and never struggle with posing again! You'll get a wide variety of poses in each session and elicit genuine emotion.  The authenticity of family relationships can be found in everyday moments. 


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Stick to Safe Compositions
Use a variety of compositions for interest

Learn how to apply composition techniques like rule of thirds, leading lines, foreground elements and more for interesting results.

Spend Hours Editing One Session
Edit an Entire Session in  one Hour

We'll show you how to quickly cull and know which images families will love. You'll also learn the system we use to cull and edit an entire family portrait session for speed and efficiency without compromising on quality.

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Do the same things and expect different results 
Marketing Secrets for More Clients!

Learn how to make every social post into a client acquisition with our tips & tricks on how to market your family photography. We'll even step into the business side to answer some of your most asked questions when it comes to pricing and digital vs. IPS studio models.

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