Lightroom Presets

By SLR Lounge & Visual Flow


Intuitive Lighting Condition Based Development

SLR Lounge and DVLOP have partnered to launch Visual Flow, a new image development company with a patent-pending approach to image processing called “Lighting Condition-Based Development" which translates to fast, intuitive, and powerful Lightroom processing tools.

  • 10 LCBD One-Click Presets within Each Preset Pack
  • Access to Lightroom FB Community
  • 47 Retouching Brushes and 26 Development Tools within the Retouching Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

The (discontinued) SLR Lounge Preset System was designed to give Lightroom users a broad set of tools for the creation of custom presets. It's a powerful educational system designed to be stacked and layered to create a large variety of looks and effects.

If you are a Visual Flow user, we'd recommend removing the SLR Lounge Preset System brushes and instead, using the Visual Flow Retouching Kit (which come with the installer) as it is a more comprehensive and powerful system for Lightroom retouching.

Visual Flow is an entirely new company with different presets and a partnership with DVLOP.  As such, they are not included as part of an SLR Lounge Premium subscription.

We are currently offering a bundle discount for the Modern preset pack and the Retouching Toolkit.


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