5 Free Lightroom Export Presets

5 Common Lightroom Export Presets to Speed Up Your Workflow!

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Full Size (Print) Export Preset

This preset exports any file, whether raw, TIF, PSD, etc to a highest-quality JPG file that is optimal for sending to most print labs. It is also useful for delivering to clients who require full-resolution file delivery, as well as archival and backup purposes.

Facebook Export Preset

This preset creates a JPG file with the optimal size, and modest compression, that allows you to share your photos on Facebook with the least-possible loss of image detail due to Facebook’s own resizing and compression algorithms.

Instagram Export Preset

For Instagram, slightly different size and compression settings are needed because it is optimized for mobile phones only. Use this export *only* for Instagram posts, or when inserting still images into Instagram Stories or Instagram Reels.

Blog Export Preset

For blogs, this export preset creates JPG images with the best custom balance of size and compression. Image details will appear sharper and less compressed compared to viewing on Facebook or other social media.

4K Display Export Preset

This export preset is perfect for anyone who wants to view a slideshow on their 4K TV or computer monitor. The resolution matches 4K (on the longest side) and uses modest compression to keep file sizes small.