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Mastering Lightroom

The Complete A-Z Lightroom Tutorial

From learning the interface and catalog structure to mastering Lightroom's raw processing, this workshop is guaranteed to level up your Lightroom abilities.


Workshop Includes

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Learn how each image was edited from start to finish

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Highly edited content that won't waste your time

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Raw files and resources so you can follow along

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Join our community for Q&A, critique, and networking

Key Concepts

No matter your skill level, this workshop will walk you through Lightroom's basic functionality while guiding you all the way through to advanced raw processing mastery. 

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Dodging and Burning in Lightroom

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Advanced Skin Retouching in Lightroom

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Master the Tone Curve to Control Colors Individually

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Fast and Accurate Color Correction 

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Batch Process For Fast Bulk Editing

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Split Toning to Unify Color Palettes

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Master Brushes for Full Control

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Dramatic Black & White Processing 

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Create Your Own Presets!

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Perfect Cloning and Healing

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Beautiful HDR Panoramas w/out Leaving Lightroom

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The Power of Cropping and Perspective Distortion

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Apply Knowledge to LR CC, Mobile, Camera Raw and Bridge

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Bring Back Shadows and Highlights

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Customize Lightroom for Efficient Workflow

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Speed Up Lightroom!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

Chapter One – An Introduction to Lightroom

  • Welcome & Introduction
  • What’s Lightroom and Who is it For
  • The 7 Lightroom Modules & Our 2 Focuses

Chapter Two – Mastering the Library Module

  • How to Create a Lightroom Catalog & Import Photos
  • The Five Primary Purposes of the Library Module
  • The Four Library View Modes and Their Purposes
  • The Lightroom Interface & Our Favorite Shortcuts
  • How to Quickly Cull Images in Lightroom
  • How to Modify Metadata and Create Presets
  • How to Rename Images
  • Understanding the Export Dialogue

Chapter Three – Mastering the Develop Module

  • Develop Module Interface
  • Rendering PreviewsWorking on a High Quality Display
  • Raw vs. Jpeg
  • Mastering the Basic Panel
  • The Power of Curves
  • Advanced Color Mapping
  • Detail Lens Correction and Effects
  • Incredible Black and White Conversions
  • Transform to Straighten Lines
  • How to Create Powerful Presets
  • Cropping Your Images
  • Cloning and Healing with Spot Removal
  • The Power of Local Area Adjustments
  • Smoothing Skin with Local Area Adjustments
  • Dodging and Burning in Lightroom
  • HDR Panoramic Merge
  • Batch Processing and Syncing Review
  • Two Ways to Edit in Photoshop

Chapter Four – Optimization, Customization and Other Key Functions

  • How to Optimize Lightroom Performance
  • Customizing Lightroom Preferences
  • How to Find Missing Images and Folders
  • Creating a Custom Watermark
  • Customizing the Identity Plate
  • Setting Up a Tethered Capture
  • Conclusion