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Dec 27, 2022

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Meet Your Instructor....

Hi, I'm Pye

I've never considered myself extraordinarily talented or creative. But I've always been dedicated to the process of learning.  And if I have one "superpower," it's creating relatable frameworks that help others succeed.

The goal of these frameworks is to give you the tools and confidence you need to reach your goals, whether you need help with technical concepts like off-camera flash, business guidance with sales and marketing, or even "unteachable" concepts like creativity and charisma.  In fact, I wholeheartedly believe that creativity, charisma, and other intangibles can be trained like any other muscle with the right approach.

  • 10+ Years of Teaching
  • 10,000+ Students Taught
  • Profoto Legend of Light
  • Magmod Ambassador
  • Top Educator for CreativeLive
  • WPPI, PPA, PPE Speaker

Lanny Mann

Two Mann Studios

"Erika and I have looked up to Pye Jirsa for a long time. He's done it all. And always as a role model leader."

Lee Morris

Fstoppers Cofounder

"Pye’s wedding photography is absolutely unbelievable. He’s great with lighting and working with clients but he’s also come up with incredible post production techniques and presets."

Spencer Boerup

Magmod Founder

"Pye and SLR Lounge have been my go-to educators for learning lighting because they teach incredibly complex techniques in a simple, easy-to-follow presentation."

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Our Students

Over 10,000 students from all over the world have gone through our training system. See what they have to say in following video. 

Layla T.

"I wouldn’t be the photographer I am today without SLR lounge! I’ve learned EVERYTHING I know from hours and hours of workshops! For awhile it was a joke that my now two year old would know you as uncle Pye because you were on my TV or computer more than anything else was."

Ian E.

"I seriously can't thank SLR Lounge enough. The confidence I have gained is insane! Just thought I would take a moment to give appreciation without you guys I would be lost. I am now able to provide a Higher level of photography to people in my area and it feels sooo damn good! Thank you!!"

Christina T.

"I just want to thank everyone behind the scenes of this AMAZING learning platform. I am just starting out and since joining SLR my confidence has sky rocketed. The material is fantastic and the delivery makes it easy to understand and relate.”

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Personal coaching can cost $200/hour & up. With one session a month, photographers pay $2,400+ for just 12 hours of training.

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