New Content - How to Sell Boudoir Albums

updates Sep 01, 2021

NEWS! We're excited to announce our third new workshop available for Premium members from our friends at Fundy Designer.

Jen Rozenbaum, a renowned boudoir photographer, educator, podcaster, and advocate for breast cancer patients/survivors/previvors, shares her expertise in boudoir photography and details her workflow for selling boudoir photo albums. The process, as you'll learn, begins with booking, weaves throughout the photo session, and culminates in the presentation and sale of the album(s).

No matter which photography genre you work in, selling albums represents a great opportunity to boost your income. Thanks to the team at Fundy Designer, we have access to top-tier mentorship for creating and selling albums that showcase our work in a way our clients will cherish for generations. 

Check it out here: 

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