Wedding Workshop 7: Photographing Groups - Table of Contents

toc Dec 07, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access Wedding Workshop 7: Photographing Groups.

Perfect group portraiture with simple lighting guides, posing techniques & communication tips.

Chapter One

  • Introduction: What Is Our Purpose & Our Goals In This Course?
  • Pain Points For Group Portraiture
  • Scouting & Prepping For Group Pictures
  • Gear Guide For Group Portraits

Chapter Two

  • Being A Technical Artist vs. Being a Human Artist
  • Presence & Charisma When Working With Groups
  • Over vs. Under Communication

Chapter Three

  • Groups Equal All The Same Times Ten
  • Foundation Posing
  • Touchpoints
  • Head Angle
  • Overlap Vs. Spacing
  • Mirroring Vs. Varied Hand Pose Placement
  • One Setup, Multiple Expressions
  • Visual Interest Guide

Chapter Four

  • Symmetrical Posing: Pros Vs. Cons
  • Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Symmetrical Posing
  • Large Group Considerations

Chapter Five

  • Editorial Posing
  • Simple Stey-By-Step Guide For Editorial Posing
  • Large Group Editorial Considerations

Chapter Six

  • Lighting Guides + Case Studies
  • Stacking and Feathering for Even Light Coverage
  • Single Light Feathering
  • Overpower That Dappled Direct Garbage Sunlight
  • Filling and Refining Natural Light, Part 1
  • Filling and Refining Natural Light, Part 2
  • Light Compositing for Effect and Large Groups
  • Single Light Bounce for Large Groups
  • Diffused Single Light for Large Groups
  • Bounce to Refine Natural Light
  • Makeshift Bounce without Ceiling Walls

Chapter Seven

  • Journalism & Creativity - Forget the Technical & Look for the...
  • Motion-Driven Concepts
  • Tilt-Shift
  • Using Depth And Layers
  • The Collapse
  • Wedding Party Cliches

Chapter Eight

  • Constructive Critique For Group Portraits
  • Critique, Pt. 2

Chapter Nine

  • General Post-Production Techniques For Group Portraiture
  • Simple Light And Background Compositing

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