Community Critique - Table of Contents

toc Jan 08, 2020

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access the Community Critique collection.

In this series of videos, Premium Community Members have their websites, portfolios, and portrait sessions critiqued to help YOU grow as a photographer.

Ch. 1: Website & Branding Critique

  • Episode One: Website Critique with Pye Jirsa
  • Episode Two: Branding Critique - Pye Reacts to Your Logos & Branding
  • Episode Three: Website Critique with Pye Jirsa

Ch. 2: Portfolio Critique

  • Episode One: Portfolio Critique with Charmi Patel Peña & Pye Jirsa
  • Episode Two: Portfolio Critique with Pye Jirsa

Image Critique

  • Episode One: Lighting Critique with Trevor Dayley & Pye Jirsa

Roundtable Wedding & Engagement Image Critiques

  • Episode One: Engagement Session Critique
  • Episode Two: Engagement Session Critique
  • Episode Three: Wedding Critique
  • Episode Four: Engagement Session Critique
  • Episode Five: Wedding Critique
  • Episode Six: Wedding Critique
  • Episode Seven: Engagement Session Critique

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