Engagement Photography 101 - Table of Contents

toc Dec 11, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access Engagement Photography 101.

Capture authentic couples portraits anywhere, anytime.

  • Introduction

    Engagement Course Overview

Chapter One

  • How to Communicate to Instill Trust
  • Foundation Posing Crash Course for Your Clients
  • Your First Shot: Set the Tone with Soft, Flat Light
  • 10 Steps to Set Up and Shoot Incredible Engagement Portraits in Any Scene
  • Add Interest with Foreground Elements and Special Effects
  • Shooting for a Bright, Whimsical Look
  • Make It Snow with Foreground Elements
  • Natural Environments Post-Production, Part One

Chapter Two

  • Beach Safety Tips
  • Creating Epic Environmental Portraits
  • Directing for Authentic Expressions
  • Using Hard Light to Shape the Body
  • Using Foreground Elements to Tell a Story
  • Work Quick When the Light Is Perfect
  • Directing Motion for Added Interest
  • Epic Shutter Drags to Show Water Movement
  • Don't Miss the Cotton Candy Colors at Dusk
  • Natural Environments Post-Production, Part Two

Chapter Three

  • Urban Introduction
  • Finding Existing Natural Light Modifiers
  • Place Your Subjects in the Light
  • Making Use of a Hard Directional Backlight
  • How to Emphasize a Natural Hair Light
  • Creating Depth with Hard Light
  • Finding and Utilizing Leading Lines
  • Activity-Based Engagement Photography at the Pie Hole
  • Urban Environments Post-Production, Part One

Chapter Four

  • The Art of Framing and Controlling Backgrounds
  • Finding and Utilizing Natural Leading Lines
  • Creating Depth with Hard Light, Part Two
  • Soft Light Freeway Underpass
  • Place Your Subjects in the Light, Part Two
  • Shutter Drag Street Photo with Post-Production
  • Urban Environments Post-Production, Part Two

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