Lighting 201 - Table of Contents

toc Dec 14, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access Lighting 201.

Continuing from Lighting 101, we take the flash OFF of the camera to continue your education. Still using inexpensive gear and modifiers, we show you the power of one off-camera flash for creative photography.

Chapter 0: Lighting Primer Guide (Bonus 2021/2022 Update)

  • Lighting Primer Guide
  • Legacy Tech
  • Two Flash Setups
  • Flash Basics
  • Modifiers
  • Setups
  • Radio Guide
  • C.A.M.P. Framework

Chapter 1

  • Chapter 1 Intro
  • OCF: Anytime, Anyplace
  • Lighting 101: Speed Review

Chapter 2

  • The Best Light for Your Budget (2021 Update)
  • Complete Guide to Lighting Modifiers & When to Use Them (2021 Update)
  • Chapter 2 Intro
  • Wired Infrared or Radio
  • Pocket Medium Full Strobe
  • Our 3 Favorite Flashes Pocket Strobes
  • 4 More Flashes Pocket Strobes Worth Looking At
  • Our 2 Favorite Medium Stobes
  • Understanding Radios
  • Our 2 Favorite Radio Triggers
  • 5 Simple Steps to Trouble Shooting Radios OCFs
  • Fantastic ND Filters at Any Price Range
  • Our Favorite Sticks
  • Our Favorite Ultra Portable OCF Light Modifiers
  • 12 Mounting and Must-Have Lighting Accessories
  • Gear Setup - Setting Up a Light Stand or stick
  • Gear Setup - Setting Up a Monopod Light or Boom Stick
  • Gear Setup - Setting Up a Medium Boom Stick
  • Gear Setup - Setting Up a Manual Flash Big Boom Stick
  • Gear Setup - Setting Up a Full Feature Flash Big Boom Stick

Chapter 3

  • Chapter 3 Intro
  • 8 Steps to Perfecting OCF
  • Over Powering the Sun - Part I
  • Over Powering the Sun - Part II
  • Slow Down Watch the Details
  • More Power Without the Power
  • Adding to Existing Light - Part I
  • Bare Bulbing With Large Groups
  • Back Light to Create Interest
  • Getting Crazy with the Whip Pan

Chapter 4

  • Chapter 4 Intro
  • The Flash Modifier You Already Own
  • The Oh-So Powerful Umbrella
  • Large Group Shots With an Umbrella
  • Exposure Balancing Via Lightroom
  • Portable Softboxes
  • More Light Control Just Grid It
  • Dusk Modified Pocket Strobes
  • More Power Medium Strobes FTW
  • Perfect In-Camera Then Photoshop
  • Adding to Existing Light - Part II
  • Adding or Enhancing Light Direction
  • Our Ideal Group Lighting Technique
  • Incorporating Flares with Flash
  • Cutting Light Grids and GOBOs

Chapter 5

  • Chapter 5 Intro
  • Fog Flash Grid Dramatic Change
  • BYOL: The 3 Light Setup That Only Requires 1 Light
  • What About Fill Light
  • Backlight GOBO Fog Magic
  • Drawing Attention via Light Shaping
  • Visualizing Light Color Shifts
  • Mixing Ambient GOBO w Flash
  • Better Light Can Change Everything

Chapter 6

  • Chapter 6 Intro
  • Subtle Refinement Massive Difference
  • Great Light Changes Everything Part II
  • Manually Triggered RCS Shutter Drag
  • The Right Power for Each Scene
  • Dodging Burning via Light In-Camera
  • Subtle Light for Natural Portraits
  • Light Modification Simple Compositing
  • Expanding Your Photographic Vision

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