Lighting 3: Advanced Off-Camera Flash - Table of Contents

toc Dec 15, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access Lighting 3: Advanced Off-Camera Flash.

Advanced location lighting for dramatic portraiture.

Trailer, Introduction, And Videos

  • Lighting 3 Trailer
  • Introduction
  • Two-Light Stacks for Portraits with Depth
  • Two-Light Stacks for Portraits with Depth, Pt. 2
  • Two-Light Front and Back Classic
  • Two-Light Environmental Backlighting
  • Double Diffused Main with Added Rim Edging
  • Dramatic Light with Wide Vs. Closed Apertures
  • Two-Light Pin for Two Subjects
  • Two-Light Pin with Ambient Shutter Drag
  • Hollywood Two-Light for Subjects
  • Double Backlight Environmental Portrait
  • Backlighting Rain & Particles
  • Double Backlight with SFX Flare Midday
  • Shooting Through The Foreground
  • Three-Point Starburst Lighting Setup, Pt. 1
  • Three Point Starburst Lighting Setup Part 2
  • How Gels Manipulate ambient Light
  • Three Favorite Gels for Ambient Light Manipulation
  • Background Lighting for Portable Silhouettes
  • Three-Point Lighting within a Portable Silhouette
  • Background Light Compositing
  • Wrapping Background Light
  • Lighting And Framing Within a Shadow
  • Nighttime vs Day in a Single Exposure
  • Flashed Double Exposure - Adding Scene Elements
  • Flashed Double Exposures Layered vs Clean Texture

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