Natural Light Couples Photography - Table of Contents

toc Jan 03, 2020

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access the Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop.

Master natural light engagement photography.

Chapter 1

  • Introduction
  • Why Do an Engagement Session
  • Couples Photography Styles
  • Creating a Moodboard
  • Moodboard Interview
  • Locations and Activities
  • Wardrobe and Props
  • Professional Makeup
  • Couples Photography Length
  • Final Walkthrough Time Reminder

Chapter 2

  • Remember Your Job and Slow Down
  • Equipment to Bring
  • The Pre-Click Checklist
  • Manual Exposures with Each Scene
  • Spot Metering

Chapter 3

  • Shooting with Available Light
  • Using Shade
  • Reflectors as a Main Light
  • Using the Reflector as a Fill
  • Using the Reflector as a Gobo or Scrim

Chapter 4

  • Pose Guidance for Him
  • Pose Guidance for Her
  • Making Them Your Advocates

Chapter 5

  • What Are Foundation Poses
  • Micro-Pose Variations
  • The V-UP Demonstration
  • The Open-Up Demonstration
  • The Close-Up Demonstration
  • The Stack-Up Demonstration
  • Other Poses and Catching the Details

Chapter 6

  • On Location: The Willow
  • Other Poses
  • The Picnic, Pt. 1
  • The Picnic, Pt. 2
  • Peeping Tom

Chapter 7

  • The Bike Ride

Chapter 8

  • Reflector Chase
  • The Whimsical Walk
  • Hill Picnic
  • The Piggy Back
  • Funny Frames

Chapter 9

  • The Scenic Gaze
  • Conclusion


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