New Content - Special FX Couples Portraits

updates Sep 30, 2021

We're excited to announce a new Premium workshop: Special FX Couples Portraits! If you're already a Premium Member, you can access the course here. If you're not a Premium Member, join our community here!

The Special FX course is an advanced workshop that offers condensed shoot-to-post recipes for what we call "signature" portraits. 

 Each technique is a standalone tutorial. This means you can go in order, or skip around and choose the styles and techniques that you find most compelling. 

See more information here:

We've already published the first three videos and will continue to share a number of additional techniques in the coming weeks/months. Here's a quick overview of the first three videos:

  • Light Vs. Dark (Basic): Learn to use existing light with no additional tools to create dramatic portraits. 
  • Day Vs. Night (Advanced): Follow along and pick up this simplified technique for capturing day vs. night portraits in a single frame. 
  • Flashed Ring of Fire (Advanced): Pye shares his take on the ring of fire technique popularized by photographer Sam Hurd.
Please understand that this is an advanced course in that it assumes you already have a fundamental knowledge of photography and lighting. If you're unfamiliar with manual exposure (Photography 101), off-camera lighting (Lighting 2 - 4), or editing (Mastering Lightroom), please go back and reference those courses. 

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