New Content - Top 6 SEO Mistakes Photographers Make in 2022

updates Sep 28, 2022

We've released a new bonus tutorial within the 3rd Workshop of the Photography Business Training System called The Top 6 SEO Mistakes Photographers Make in 2022.

This article will skip over the generic, broad SEO tips and dive into the actual problems we’ve seen many photographers face based on the hundreds of website reviews and personal consulting sessions we've done. Here’s a brief overview of what we’ll cover:

  • Mistake 1 | Not Focusing on Local SEO
  • Mistake 2 | Not Enough Website Content
  • Mistake 3 | Keywords Used Incorrectly (without a plan)
  • Mistake 4 | Not Enough Text to Balance Images
  • Mistake 5 | Not Working on Backlinks
  • Mistake 6 | Images Not Renamed

If you are a premium member or if you've purchased the Photography Business Training System, you can access it here: 

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