Newborn Photography Workshop - Table of Contents

toc Jan 05, 2020

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access the Newborn Photography Workshop.

Learn to master newborn photography (exercise files and presets included).

Chapter 1

  • Introduction
  • Great Shots are Not About the Gear
  • What Lenses Do I Need for Newborn Photography
  • Four Recommended Pieces of Lighting Accessories
  • Six Must Have Newborn Photography Accessories
  • Five Recommended Posing Tools and Props for Newborn Photography
  • Where to Buy Props and Accessories

Chapter 2

  • Two Minute Tip - Fourteen Days for Ease 5 Days of Magic
  • Planning Tip - Create a Moodboard Before Every Shoot
  • Safety First and Recognize Composite Images
  • Five Pre-Shoot Newborn Photography Quick Tips
  • Plan Enough Time

Chapter 3

  • Working with Mom and Listen to the Baby
  • Tips on Shooting Angles
  • Two Lighting Tips for Perfect Skin
  • Five Tips on Comforting the Newborn
  • How to Swaddle

Chapter 4

  • Lighting for Newborn Photography
  • Setting up the Scene
  • Fine Tuning Lighting and Camera Settings
  • Placing and Preparing Our Newborn
  • Back Pose Close Up Shot
  • Nude Back Pose Capturing the Details
  • Basic Back Pose Candids
  • Basic Nude Back Pose Candids With Props
  • Full Length Nude Back Pose
  • Simple Side Lying Pose
  • Top-Down Tummy Pose
  • Front Side Portrait Tummy Pose
  • Basic Pose Conclusion

Chapter 5

  • Setting up the Wicker Basket Over Wood Scene
  • Fine Tuning Lighting and Camera Settings
  • Placing and Preparing Our Newborn
  • Top Down with Newborn Wrap Shot
  • Top Down Basket Shot Variation and Reminder
  • Simple Scene Change and Color Scheme Study

Chapter 6

  • Setting Up the Scene - Wrap and Bowl Portraits
  • Placing and Wrapping Newborns
  • Shooting the Wrap Shots
  • Shooting the Bowl Shots

Chapter 7

  • Setting Up the Scene - Parisian Portraits
  • Placing and Posing Ellie for Parisian Portraits
  • Shooting the Parisian Portraits

Chapter 8

  • Fuzzy Cloth Background Setup
  • Placing Ellie in the Side Lying Sleeping Pose
  • Shooting the Side Lying Sleeping Pose

Chapter 9

  • Setting Up the Scene - Citrus Gnome
  • Placing and Posing Ellie in the Citrus Gnome Scene
  • Shooting the Citrus Gnome Scene
  • Conclusion

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