Photography Business 301: Marketing - Table of Contents

toc Dec 20, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access Photography Business 301 - Marketing.

In Photography Business 301, we want to help you build a lead generating machine. Learn our 4 pronged approach to lead generation that includes organic SEO, social media, directories, and networking. Increase your google rankings, master social media for photographers, and more in this workshop.

Chapter 1

  • Grass Roots & Network Marketing
  • The Empty Party
  • Your First Brand Ambassadors
  • Styled vs Test Shoots
  • Joining Photography Groups & Associations
  • Etiquette When Assisting, Second, or Lead Shooting
  • The Listing/Classified Hustle

Chapter 2

  • Making Instagram Simple
  • Your Automated Pinterest Plan
  • Facebook...Because You Must

Chapter 3

  • What Is Content Marketing?
  • The Monster: SEO
  • Selecting Your Keywords
  • Testing Your Keywords
  • Grouping Main/Niche Goals
  • Sample Keyword Strategy
  • Your Content Roadmap
  • How To Craft Resources
  • How To Blog
  • BONUS - Find Content Ideas with Answer the Public
  • BONUS - Updated Blogging Guidance and Alternatives
  • BONUS - 3 Ways to Create Content Without Writing Skills
  • BONUS - Use Auto Linking to Speed Up Your Blogging on Wordpress
  • BONUS - Anchor Links | How to Use Them and Why They Help

Chapter 4

  • Under The Hood Of SEO (Reference)
  • Backlink Building Basics
  • Link Value Factors
  • Measuring Link Value
  • Knowing Nofollow
  • Link Building Plan: Strategy
  • Link Building Plan: Vendors
  • Link Building Plan: Guest Writing
  • Link Building Plan: Features
  • Link Building Plan: Directories
  • Link Building Plan: Comments

Chapter 5

  • Creating Email Funnels

Chapter 6

  • Q&A
  • BONUS - How to Use Product Reviews to Benefit Your Business
  • BONUS - Content Idea - Limiting Photo Locations

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