Photography the Milky Way Workshop - Table of Contents

toc Dec 23, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access the Photography the Milky Way Workshop.

Your guide to nightscape photography, complete with instructional videos, gear guide, presets, and more.

Chapter 1

  • Introduction: Why Are We Here
  • Introduction: Goals

Chapter 2

  • Exposure Triangle At Night
  • The 500 Rule

Chapter 3

  • About the Milky Way Core
  • Why Scout?
  • Five Tips on Location Scouting
  • How to Predict and See the Milky Way
  • How to Focus on Stars and Get Sharp Images
  • Checking Sharpness and Troubleshooting

Chapter 4

  • Why Create Two Exposures

Chapter 5

  • Reasons for Creating a Nightscape Panorama
  • Creating a Panorama of The Milky Way

Chapter 6

  • Why Use Illumination
  • Shining a Light on Your Landscape
  • Near vs Far Illumination

Chapter 7

  • How to Photograph Subjects Under the Milky Way

Chapter 8

  • Basic Single Exposure Milky Way Sky Editing
  • Blending Two Separate Exposures
  • Editing a Nightscape Panorama
  • Editing Low Level Illumination
  • Illuminated Subjects
  • Editing a Blend and a Panorama
  • Noise Reduction Part I
  • Noise Reduction Part II
  • Removing Long Exposure Noise In Capture One
  • Stacking For Noise Reduction in a Blended Panorama

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