Pressure Cooker | Live Shooter Critique - Table of Contents

toc Jan 07, 2020

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access the "Pressure Cooker | Live Shooter Critique" series.

For this series, we wanted to create an environment that simulates the pressure of working on an actual shoot. To do this, Pye and our team trainers film, observe and critique a group of photographers during live shoots. Each shoot focuses on a key lesson from the SLR Lounge workshop library. Within each episode, you will learn how to translate concepts into real world shoots, mind the details through live critique, and deliver professional results under pressure.

Chapter 1: Foundation Posing Fundamentals

  • Foundation Posing: Communication, Part One
  • Foundation Posing: Communication, Part Two
  • Foundation Posing: Fundamentals, Part One
  • Foundation Posing: Fundamentals, Part Two
  • Foundation Posing: Fundamentals, Part Three

Chapter 2: Photographing the Groom

  • Groom Portraits & Details, Part One
  • Groom Portraits & Details, Part Two
  • Groom Portraits & Details, Part Three
  • Groom Portraits & Details, Part Four

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