Wedding Workshop 5: Photographing the Ceremony - Table of Contents

toc Dec 05, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access Wedding Workshop 5: Photographing the Ceremony

Master the art of storytelling and capture every special moment during the wedding ceremony.

Chapter One

  • Introduction - Why Are We Here?
  • 10 Easily Avoidable Wedding Blunders from 200 Wedding Photographers
  • Our Favorite Lenses Among 10,000 Wedding Photographs
  • Pre-Ceremony Checklist from 200 Wedding Photographers
  • Favorite SFX Creative Accessories During the Ceremony
  • Our Second and Lead Photographer Gear Guide

Chapter Two

  • Telling a Complete and Cohesive Story
  • What To Photograph Within a Single Wedding Moment | Wedding Week
  • How To Photograph A Wedding Ceremony With A Team
  • Team Lens Synergy
  • Processional Movement and Positioning
  • Ceremony Movement and Positioning
  • Recessional Movement and Positioning

Chapter Three

  • Pre-Ceremony: Grip & Grins and Candids
  • Processional: Groom + Wedding Party
  • Processional: Bride's Entrance
  • Ceremony: The Couple
  • Ceremony: The Scene and Venue
  • Ceremony: Wedding Party + VIPs
  • Ceremony: Moments
  • Ceremony: The Kiss
  • Recessional: The Couple + VIPs
  • Bonus: Ceremony Coverage In Practice

Chapter Four

  • Cultural Case Studies: Christian (Non-Denominational) Weddings
  • Cultural Case Studies: Catholic Weddings
  • Cultural Case Studies: Chinese + Asian Tea Ceremonies
  • Cultural Case Studies: Mormon/Latter-Day Saints
  • Cultural Case Studies: Hindu/Indian Weddings - Baraat
  • Cultural Case Studies: Hindu/Indian Weddings - Ceremony
  • Cultural Case Studies: Hindu/Indian Weddings - Lightroom
  • Cultural Case Studies: Iranian/Persian Weddings
  • Cultural Case Studies: Jewish (General) Weddings

Chapter Five

  • Foreground Elements
  • Why You Should Use A Tilt-Shift Lens For Wedding Photography
  • Prism
  • Free Lens
  • Other Creative Angles and Effects

Chapter Six

  • Dark Chapel
  • Dark Indoor Hotel

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