Wedding Workshop 6: Photographing the Details - Table of Contents

toc Dec 06, 2019

To assist you in finding the content that you're looking for, we've published the Table of Contents for each of our courses. Click here to access Wedding Workshop 6: Photographing the Details.

Capture stunning wedding decor photos that will get you published and noticed on social media.

Chapter One

  • Introduction Purpose and Top Five Challenges of Wedding Day Details
  • The Marketing Power Of Wedding Decor Photographs
  • Ideal Lenses for Details
  • Any Camera Can Tell a Story
  • Any Light Will Do the Job

Chapter Two

  • How To Photograph Wedding Decor Under Time Constraints
  • Before You Take A Single Shot
  • Start By Minding The Details
  • Anatomy Of The Details Story
  • With Each Image, Select A Single Subject
  • Conceal Vs. Reveal

Chapter Three

  • "Must Have" Walk-Throughs | Wide - Setting The Scene
  • Medium - Showing The Ceremony Heroes
  • Tight - Revealing Ceremony Details
  • Putting Together The Ceremony Story
  • Wide - Setting The Reception Scene
  • Medium - Showing The Reception Heroes
  • Tight - Revealing The Reception Details
  • Storytelling With Wedding Decor For Publication

Chapter Four

  • Lighting: The Goal & Approach
  • Outdoor Ceremony Daylight | No Modification
  • Outdoor Reception - Daylight | Reflector Pin Lighting
  • Outdoor Reception - Daylight | Day Vs. Dusk
  • Indoor Reception - Daylight/Ambient Mix | Balancing
  • Indoor Reception - Moody Warm Ambient Light | Pinning With Constants
  • Indoor Reception - Craptastic Ambient Light | Simulating Natural Light
  • Indoor Reception - Dark Ambient Light | Flash For Bright...
  • Indoor Reception - Bright Daylight/Ambient Mix | Pinning With...
  • Indoor Reception - Dramatic High Color Ambient | Correcting/Pinning...

Chapter Five

  • Verify Ballroom Entrance Lighting Before Shooting
  • Backlight For Added Interest
  • How To Create Unique Compositions With Foreground Elements
  • Panoramic Stitch Grand Scenes
  • Light Painting Panoramic Scenes
  • Light Painting And Compositing To Complete A Scene
  • Practice And Refinement
  • Use Mirrors Wisely
  • Remove Crappy Objects | Use Existing Light For Speed
  • Capture The Couple

Chapter Six

  • General Goals With Details And Post-Production
  • Managing Bright Lights
  • Controlling High-Intensity Colors
  • Use Lightroom Transform For Perfect Invitation Shapes
  • Pano-Stitch Using Lightroom
  • Simple Compositing To Fill Out Rooms

Chapter Seven

  • Understanding The Client Coordinator And Desired Publication
  • 10 Tips For Publishing Wedding Decor Photos
  • 3 Tips For Submitting Your Photo Collection To Publications

Chapter Eight

  • Constructive Critique For Wedding Decor Images
  • Constructive Critique For Wedding Decor Images, Pt. 2

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