Free Engagement Photography Tutorial!

10 Steps for Photographing Incredible Couples Portraits in ANY Scene

Learn 10 simple things you can do to make each and every single one of your engagement photos extraordinary! This is an excerpt from our Engagement Photography 101 course which teaches you how to create incredible, authentic imagery with nothing by natural light. 

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Incredible Photos with Gear You Already Have 

We guarantee that if you follow these 10 steps before you capture your next photo, you are bound to create extraordinary images in any location.

Walk the Scene & Find Every Angle

In this short video, you'll be able to walk into a scene and analyze how to create extraordinary images no matter where you are. 

Powerful Images for Your Portfolio & Clients

Learn how to incorporate foreground elements to create unique compositions and unforgettable images that display your artistry and creativity. 

Following this 10 step framework  will result in more thoughtful images that resonate with your clients and work as organic marketing tools for your portfolio

Images from Engagement Photography 101

This course is filmed in 4 vastly different engagement photography locations to prove you can achieve incredible results wherever you are! We want you to be comfortable shooting in any location with gear you likely already own. 


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