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You don't have to be salesy to close the sale. Regardless of your personality type, you CAN book clients and sell products if you ask the right questions and understand your clients' true needs.  Using Fundy Designer to help communicate our vision, we show you exactly how to do that.

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What to Expect

In this 42-minute free online masterclass tutorial you'll gain the following:

Become a Better Photographer

This method will help you become a better photographer. How? By better understanding your clients' needs and capturing what they truly want, you'll provide a better experience, capture more meaningful photographs, and yes, increase your sales.

Sell Anything w/out "Selling"

The W.A.V.E. method applies to all genres of lifecycle photography, from weddings to family to senior portraits. This free tutorial is a must-watch for any photographer, whether you own a studio or you just do a few shoots on the side.


So I've just finished watching the Business Classes and all i can say is WOW! Thank you to everyone involved in creating those classes (including the whole team behind the scenes). The content was of unbelievable value! The video's are a perfect balance of humour and education, which is why I find them so easy to watch. Lastly, I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, but the final 10 minute video clip "Why Breathe" really hit me. I could feel every single word that Pye was saying and I could tell he dug down really deep for that and I for one, really appreciate it. - Rich Orange

So a few weeks ago I mentioned that I had difficulty doing the wave on a phone call. Yesterday I had a booth at a bridal fair and had amazing success with the wave! I just wanted to say that the wave is amazing and definitely helps you get a deeper understanding of what your potential clients want from your photography service. Thanks for teaching this awesome technique! - Chance Freeze

I've become a stronger photographer and more confident business professional because of this course. Having been in sales before, it was great to hear some of Pye's past successes and his struggles when selling his own product. Building confidence, speaking with absolution and not playing the haggle game are all important skills you will gain throughout this course. I'd recommend this course to new photographers, seasoned studio owners and to artists that want to revamp their business. May I also add that this course in INVALUABLE. You will make a return on your investment ten fold. Word to the wise, DO NOT SKIP ANY SECTION OR VIDEO. I promise it is worth it! - Crystal Stewart

I've had my photography business for 5 years. I wish I had this 5 years ago. I was doing many of the recommended things in this course already, but this puts everything into a grand plan and gives me a step by step system to grow by business. I was particularly happy with the marketing section of this course. That in and of itself is worth the full price of this course. - Paul Williamson

I am through 3 of the 4 classes and I have to say that this is the BEST thing that's happened to my photography career. I feel so inspired and ready to take on new challenges, to grow my business and to become a better business person and photographer. Thank you Pie! - Cameron Howard

You take great pictures, you should start a photography businessā€¯, said my friends and family, but had no idea what that really meant, where to even start, what to charge, how to reach out to new clients out side of my circle of friends. Like everyone else, I setup a facebook page for my photography gig, hoping it would bring in more clients and business. Looking back at those days, all I do is laught at myself. This step by step system takes you through a proven game plan and strategy on how to effectively start a photography business regardless of your concentration, and shows you how to build upon it systematically to reach your goals. Whether you are someone who has just started or someone who has been in the business for several years, this system shows you what works and what doesnā€™t when it comes to reaching your ideal clients and crafting your lead generating machine. Pye Jirsa takes you through weekly progression of tasks and exercises, and as you complete them, you are one step closer to feeling more confident and excited about your photography journey. In fact, this course goes over in detail on how Lin & Jirsa, one of orange countyā€™s famous and very successful boutique photography studios, got started over 10 years ago and the strategy that lead them to a multi-million dollar business they are today. - Taiyyib Choudhry


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