Free Wedding Photography 4-Week Training

8 Key Concepts for Success

These 8 HD tutorials, taken directly from our Wedding Photography Training System, will help you capture incredible wedding photos. Take a glimpse into our proven framework for success this 4-week program.


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What You'll Learn

Here are some of the key concepts you'll learn over our 4-week program.


Standing Pose Demo for the Groom

In this video, we talk about body language components and what things mean. It is more important to understand why we do something than what exactly to do. We will show you the incorrect way to pose and then show you why we are correcting aspects of the pose to enhance certain features of the subject.


5 Must Have Bridal Portraits

Although having a set list of shots sometimes strips away the creativity of a photograph, wedding photography calls for a soft guideline to follow in order to get shots your clients want. Typically, bridal portraits consist of these five shots.


Foundation Posing Tips and Techniques for Couples

Realize the power of foundation posing and quickly get the bride and groom into the pose you’re looking for with minimal instruction. From the v-up to the reversed pose, simple positioning of the feet and placement of the arms and hands can dramatically alter the look and feel of an image.


Telling a Complete and Cohesive Story in Wedding Ceremonies

How the moments are captured makes all the difference. To use your images to tell a stronger story, think about how to cover the ceremony from a final product standpoint. In other words, if you plan to put your images together as a cluster of wall art or in an album, there are certain things you need to build a more impactful story.


How to Photograph Wedding Decor under Time Constraints

Wedding photographers regularly claim that it can be difficult to find or make enough time to adequately shoot wedding decor/details. This might stem from running behind on the timeline, or maybe the details just are not ready as scheduled; either way, the struggle is real. Luckily, there are ways to make it work, even when the clock is working against you.


Presence & Charisma when Working with Groups

Contrary to popular belief, presence and charisma are not something you are born with. Learning how to be charismatic will get you extremely far in an industry where half your job is talking to people and making sure that you are getting your point across in a clear and concise way.


The Perfect Exposure For Wedding Receptions: Step by Step

Wedding reception lighting can be one of our most challenging topics.  But getting the perfect exposure can be done in these 8 simple steps.


8 Keys to Building Trust & Communicating Empathetically

Your clients should feel like they are the center of your universe, at least for the time that you are together. The entire first course in our Wedding Photography Training System is designed to help you effectively communicate with your clients, because artistry comes second to building trust. They may be sold on your portfolio, but it all comes down to how much faith they can place in you.

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