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Amazing imagery doesn't have to mean expensive gear. EVERY image in this workshop is created with just one On Camera Flash and basic light modifiers making this the most accessible flash photography workshop and the perfect foundation for light shaping mastery.

Create Direction w/ On Camera Flash

Natural Looking On Camera Flash

Learn Creative Flash Techniques

Control Flash to Sculpt and Create Form

Soft On Camera Flash for Portraits

Freeze Motion w/ Flash For Creativity

Create Flattering Light ANYWHERE

Learn about common light patterns, subject positions relative to your light source, light qualities and so much more! 

Understand Creative White Balance

Get comfortable with altering your in-camera White Balance and using different colored gels to achieve the look you desire! 

Understand Lighting Modifiers

Learn the difference between hard and soft light and how that compares to the difference between diffused and specular light.

Create Multi-Point Lights w/ ONE Flash

Learn how light bounces to create multi-point light setups with just a single on camera flash.

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Wow! So helpful. I loved this course. I learned so much from it, I'm already seeing improvement in my photoshoots. Super recommended. - Allan Gonzalez

Wish I could give 6 stars! I've watched other educational videos on lighting, and I find this was by far, the most informative and entertaining! Amazing work guys! can't wait for Lighting 201! - Jason W.

FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC! A must buy for anyone who wants to start learning lighting. Can't wait to get 201. - Damien Thompson

Just purchased and watched about 3 hours of video so far and I can say it's worth every penny. - James Padin

I was hesitant to purchase this course, especially after having bought other SLR Lounge products in the past and never really sitting down to use or watch them. I decided to buy this anyway and watched it while on a plane flight to Mexico. I have to say -- I learned so much from the first 4 chapters, I was extremely pleased I bought it! It has made me so much more confident with Flash photography, helped me understand why I failed so miserably in the past with multiple flashes, and is a good starting point to get to the next level. As soon as I got home, I set up multiple flashes right before sunset, tried out whatever I still remembered from the courses, and sure enough: the pictures came out much, much better. In 3 weeks, I'll have an outdoor wedding to shoot -- I'll be a nervous wreck since this would be my first one where flash cannot be bounced off any walls or ceiling. However, with what I have learned through this course, I am hopeful that this will be one of my best work yet. - Michael Yuen

This class was perfect to refine some of the techniques and knowledge already acquired. It's definitely worth watching and listening as Pye breaks it down to simple understandable language. - Rick Garcia

Thanks SLR Lounge I already purchased this lighting 101 and it's really awesome and very helpful . - Alex Ramos

This is an awesome tutorial full of valid information! I thought I would only shoot natural light photography in the future but this video series changed my mind. It is great what you can do with only one flash and a 5-in-1 reflector. Pye explains everything in an interesting and motivational way! Keep up the awesome work, Guys! - Christian B.

Simply THE BEST!!! - Ilyoung Lee

It's THE BEST lighting course I've seen so far for beginners. I was actually getting frustrated trying to jump into remote/multiple flashes. It always sounds easy looking at videos on Youtube; far more complex when getting your hands dirty trying it. Starting from one light, with a fixed location and understanding how to build the light pattern you want using reflectors has given me a far better understanding. Definitely worth the money! Looking forward to Lighting 201 once I am comfortable with one light. - Jean-Philippe Thierry

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