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Continuing from Lighting 101, we take the flash OFF of the camera to continue your education. Still using inexpensive gear and modifiers, we show you the power of one off-camera flash for creative photography. Below are some of the primary concepts:

Off-Camera Flash For Natural Results

Off-Camera Flash for Dramatic Images

Learn Creative Off-Camera Flash

Learn How to Use Gobos to Create Mood

Master the "Whip Pan" Technique

Freeze Motion w/ Flash For Creativity

Learn Simple Compositing

Learn simple and quick compositing to add soft, controlled light to select parts of a scene.

Master the Shutter Drag

Learn to use flash to freeze your live subjects while exposing for the beautiful night sky.

Modify and Refine Light

The most simple flash modifier is one you probably already own, and one that can create an on-the-go soft-box!  The reflector scrim!

Backflash to Create Interest

See how to use a backflash and an understanding of white balance to create interest in a scene.

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One of the best tutorials I have come across.... Awesome Pye.... - Tanuj S.

Fantastic tutorial, the best I could find on the web. Looking forward to Lighting 3 and 4. - Regina S.

The tutorial I was searching for. - Fisnik I.

Awesome - Farrukh B.

Another remarkably informative tutorial from you guys. This one particularly helpful for my own work at this stage in my photography - where you understand the use of flash, but not sure how some of the more creative shots are completed. The chapter dedicated to equipment options has had a significant impact on how I'm selecting my next lighting purchases, and how to know the limits of those purchases. Thank you guys for the production of this tutorial and I look forward to the 301 series. - Benjamin D.

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