Master maternity & family photography, posing & lighting


Comprehensive education with in-depth posing analysis and demonstrations


Download the slides for a quick reference study guide (includes marketing guide)

Refine Your Posing For Maternity Photography

Learn how to pose and shape the female body for flattering and beautiful maternity portraits.

Posing & Directing Cues for Expecting Mothers

Small changes to legs, arms, hands and other body parts can make a HUGE difference. Learn how to identify common issues, direct your subjects and perfect each pose.

Natural Couples Posing for Maternity Photography

Create beautiful and natural couples poses! From our "Foundation Posing" that we've taught you already, we make adjustments to highlight the belly and draw focus to the right places.

Storytelling Family Posing For Maternity Session

Create timeless family portraits! We start the shoot with the entire family and teach you to create images that will be sold and displayed in your client's homes.

Every Portrait Photographer Needs This Workshop

Maternity photography is a beautiful, artistic celebration of life, motherhood, and family. It opens up a new way to explore your creativity and a way to continue impacting the lives of your clients by documenting another major life event.

Ditch Boring And STAND OUT With Dynamic Photos

We show you how we light and create composites for epic, flowing dress shots that will wow and attract clients!

Find Flattering Natural Light

Learn just how easy it is to get that sought-after bright and airy look.

Use Flash For Dramatic Lighting

We'll make technical off-camera lighting setups simple and easy to understand.

BONUS: Learn 5 Strategies For Marketing


In our bonus ebook, we teach you 5 simple strategies for marketing your maternity photography.  We keep it short, sweet, and to-the-point with action steps and examples using our own business.

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"This course is filled with detailed instruction on flattering poses and shot ideas for maternity photography. I would have never thought to incorporate the family in the session for more storytelling and photojournalistic moments. Can't wait to put these ideas into practice!"

Nicole Collier
Portrait Photographer

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