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Bundle and save when you purchase our BEST SELLING WORKSHOPS: Photography 101, Lighting 101 & 201! These three workshops will help you achieve professional level imagery with the most basic of camera and lighting gear.


Complete workshops valued at $327


HD videos with on-location examples


Conside & comprehensive education


PDF download of slides & gear recs



Runtime: 6.5 Hours. Master manual mode and learn the fundamentals of photography.



Runtime: 9 Hours. Master on-camera flash and learn the basics of flash photography.



Runtime: 11 Hours. Master off-camera flash and learn the advanced lighting techniques.

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It's THE BEST lighting course I've seen so far when you want to start. I was actually getting frustrated trying to jump from start into remote / multiple flashes. Starting from one light, with a fixed location and understanding how to build the light pattern you want using reflectors has given me a far better understanding. Definitely worth the money!
- Jean- Philippe T.

Absolutely loved it! All you need to know to get out of auto mode. very well explained. Pye keeps you engaged in every video, he is also funny so you are always smiling and laughing. Recommended to everyone, beginner or advanced. it's always good to have a little reminder of how things work and why.
-Wayne D.

Pye has a way of making complicated topics easy to understand. I used to only shoot in auto modes with natural light. I now feel comfortable using manual mode and off camera flash! Those were two huge steps for me in my photography journey and I couldn't have done it without this.
- Jenny S.

A phenomenal tutorial on the basics of photography! As a budding photographer trying to launch a photography business, it was wonderful being able to dig deep into various topics and learning at a pace that worked for me. Witty and interesting, Pye makes learning photography fun. I am excited for what I can do now that I have a better understanding of manual mode and look forward to my shooting without relying so heavily on the assisted modes. I can't wait for Photography 201 and will definitely be looking to get some of the other products SLR Lounge has to offer. Thank you for making a quality product and keep up the great work!

FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC! a must buy for anyone who wants to start learning lighting. Cant wait to get 201.

Another remarkably informative tutorial from you guys. This one particularly helpful for my own work at this stage in my photography - where you understand the use of flash, but not sure how some of the more creative shots are completed. The chapter dedicated to equipment options has had a significant impact on how I'm selecting my next lighting purchases, and how to know the limits of those purchases. Thank you guys for the production of this tutorial and I look forward to the 301 series.

These 3 courses are the best money you'll spend in photography ... better than that $3K camera ... better than that expensive lens or that set of flashes. Every photography needs to watch these.
-Diane L.

Every time i have a question about photography or flash, I reference back to these videos. I can't express how much these videos have helped me in my career and business.
-Kent S.


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