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10 Ways to 10x your wedding photography skills

Learn 10 essential tips you need to know to grow your wedding photography skills by 10-fold, no matter where you are in your career! These tips are straight from our Wedding Training System: 8 workshops designed to teach you how to photograph a wedding from start to finish! 


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In this 75-minute free online masterclass webinar you'll gain the following:

The Secret To Happy Clients & Higher Income

This webinar will help you become a better wedding photographer. How? By better understanding your clients' needs. You'll provide a better experience, capture more meaningful photographs, and yes, increase your sales.

Everything You Need for Incredible Images

Wondering what camera and lighting gear work best for wedding photography? We'll offer our favorite recommendations, posing tips, and so much more! You'll never stress out over how to photograph couples ever again!


One of the things that I think is really neat is how much you believe and emphasize the beauty in everyone. I found that out for myself today. I shot my 3rd wedding ever, and I went in not expecting to get the greatest photos. Not to say the couple wasn't an attractive one, just that they were very different from each other in all aspects and I didn't think it would look very good. I couldn't have been more wrong and walked away with some of the best images I've never taken, and they looked amazing. All that to say thanks for not only emphasizing the beauty in everyone, but believing it. I had no idea seeing that would change the quality of my work, and I'm glad that you pointed it out, because otherwise I never would have seen it. - Mike P.

All I can say is Wow! This is the best course on photography I have ever seen (and I've seen over a dozen from all of the major websites). I am a much more confident photographer after watching these videos ... more confident in my communication with my clients, with my lighting, with my posing, with my time detail photos, with my family formals, and really with every part of the wedding. Thank you SLRLounge -Kim Y.

I am through 3 of the 4 classes and I have to say that this is the BEST thing that's happened to my photography career. I feel so inspired and ready to take on new challenges, to grow my business and to become a better business person and photographer. Thank you Pie! - Cameron Howard

I've watched this course as it was being released, workshop by workshop and over the past year, my photography has gone from good to great. I am a self taught photographer who was doing okay for myself, booking clients in the mid tier price range). I had my ways of doing things and they were creating happy clients. But this workshop challenged me to try new things and take a next step. One good example is family portraits. That part of the wedding day, I usually just "got through" meaning I did a lot of standard posing and lighting and saved my creativity for the bride/groom portraits and wedding party. This course taught me to try "editorial posing" as Pye calls it, with unique poses, layers, and interesting arrangements .... Those photos have received really great feedback from my clients. this is just one of many many ways i became a better photographer. - Diane L.

Excellent info. Pye, thank you for teaching in an entertaining yet comprehensive way. I'll be rewatching these every once in a while as a refresher. - Tim C.

Hands down. There is no equal to what you’ve accomplished here. All I can say is thanks Pye I can’t imagine anyone else to turn to when it comes to anything photography. SLR Lounge baby! - Ashley C.

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