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Jan 25, 2022

Thank you for being a part of SLR Lounge Premium.

With over 2,000 hours of content and over 30 complete courses, some with overlapping content and concepts, finding exactly what you're looking for can be a challenge.  This is why we created this guide to help you navigate through the content. 

Here are the four best ways to get started with the content

  1. Jump Right into a complete workshop - We recommend starting with a training system if you already know what you’re looking for.  For example, if you’re here for business knowledge, jump straight into the business training system.  If you’re just getting started in your photography journey, we recommend Photography 101 and Creative Photography 101. For your convenience, we’ve listed every course we have available below.  Click here to jump down to the section.
  2. Explore the Pathways - We’ve also created a set of pathways.  Think of these as quick start guides.  As mentioned, some of the concepts are taught in multiple places.  For example, we teach posing in almost every workshop since it’s applicable to brides, grooms, groups, headshots, family and more.  We help guide you through this in the posing pathway.  To help you navigate these different workshops, we created the pathways to help you learn about a specific topic or concept from multiple workshops.  Click here for a complete list of pathways.
  3. Search the Blog for Table of Contents - The next way to find what you’re looking for is the search bar in the blog. Our platform doesn’t provide search results based on the library of content, so we found this work around.  We’ve listed the table of contents in blog entries, so that they will pop up in search results.  Simply search the concept you’re looking for and, if the search term matches a title of a video that we have in our library, the table of contents blog entry will show up for the workshop that contains that topic.  Type in your search term into the field in the sidebar of the blog.
  4. Ask the Group! - The last option is to ask the forum and our moderators will get back to you asap with some help!  Click here to access the forums.

Available Courses

Photography Fundamentals Training System

These three workshops will help you achieve professional level imagery with the most basic of camera and lighting gear.

Flash Photography Training System

Flash Does Not Have to Be Complicated. We break down the concepts of flash into a step-by-step, easy-to-understand framework that gives you a full mastery and control of flash.

Wedding Photography Training System

This system includes 10 YEARS of experience that took 3 FULL YEARS to film and produce. EVERYTHING we've learned from our REAL-WORLD experience is included. In fact, it's the exact same training system Lin & Jirsa associate photographers use.

Photography Business Training System

In these four workshops, we share ALL of our strategies, templates, and workflows that we've used over the past decade, to build one of the most profitable photography studios in the world. Let us help you build the photography business of your dreams with this comprehensive, step-by-step approach to business success. 

30 Day Viral Marketer

As a photographer, you're already creating all the content you need! Here, you're going to master the art of short-form content to 10x your reach organically! As you jump into each module, make sure to download the Companion Workbook within the first lesson.


From learning the interface and catalog structure to mastering Lightroom's raw processing, this workshop is guaranteed to level up your Lightroom abilities.

Photoshop Textures

Learn to incorporate these custom-made texture packs into your work to take your artistry to another level. Each pack includes hundreds of textures as well as informative tutorials.

Other Workshops (In Alphabetical Order)

  • 12-Week SEO Program: Follow along through weekly exercises and assignments, week-by-week, step-by-step, to help increase search traffic to your website.
  • Community Critiques: In this series of videos, Premium Community Members have their websites, portfolios, and portrait sessions critiqued to help YOU grow as a photographer.
  • Complete Posing Workshop: Posing is one of the most challenging subjects you will face as a portrait photographer! Memorization can only take you so far before you lose authenticity. You'll learn to become a director and not just a photographer with these poses and posing cues for individuals, couples, and groups.
  • Creative Photography 101: Creative Photography 101 is the ultimate iPhone photography tutorial.
  • Cultural Wedding Photography Guides: Learn how to photograph cultural weddings, including Asian, Hindu, Jewish, and Persian weddings.
  • Engagement Photography 101: Capture authentic couples portraits anywhere, anytime.
  • Family Photography 101: Everything you need to know about family portraiture.
  • Fine Art Boudoir Workshop: Learn to create artistic and tasteful boudoir images.
  • Fitness Editing and Retouching Workshop: Learn commercial editing and retouching techniques from start to finish (exercise files and Photoshop actions included).
  • From Shoot to Post Workshop: Create cohesive scenes, establish signature styles, and implement an efficient post-processing workflow (exercise files and presets included).
  • Fundy School Workshops: Boost your wall art & album sales with these Fundy School Workshops, featuring guest lecturers Jen Rozenbaum, Roberto Valenzuela, Jason & Joanne Marino, Mike Allebach, and Vanessa Joy (available to stream for a limited time).
  • Guide to Profitable Mini-Sessions: In this short guide, we are going to dive into each aspect of mini sessions from creating a package to final image delivery. We'll show you the most efficient ways to make this a profitable subset of your photography business. 
  • HDR Photography Workshop: The new standard in mastering HDR photography techniques (includes presets).
  • Headshot Photography Workshop: All the tips you need to capture and edit simple, professional headshots anywhere (includes presets).
  • Maternity Photography Workshop: Master maternity photography, a beautiful, artistic celebration of life, motherhood, and family that opens up a new way to explore your creativity (includes a maternity marketing guide).
  • Natural Light Couples Photography: Master natural light engagement photography.
  • Newborn Photography Workshop: Learn to master newborn photography (exercise files and presets included).
  • Panoramic Stitching Workshop: Learn to use the Brenizer method and other creative effects (includes exercise files and presets).
  • Photographing the Milky Way Workshop: Your guide to nightscape photography, complete with instructional videos, gear guide, presets, and more.
  • Premium Webinars: Watch all of our exclusive Premium webinars, which feature award scoring breakdowns, critiques, and tips on lighting and photographing subjects. This collection includes legacy videos as well as new episodes of FB Live that we update regularly. Be sure to click into the collection via the link above for the most up-to-date overview of videos. 
  • Pressure Cooker: Live Shooter Critique: For this series, we wanted to create an environment that simulates the pressure of working on an actual shoot. To do this, Pye and our team trainers film, observe and critique a group of photographers during live shoots. Each shoot focuses on a key lesson from the SLR Lounge workshop library. Within each episode, you will learn how to translate concepts into real world shoots, mind the details through live critique, and deliver professional results under pressure.
  • Re-Creating Golden Hour: Learn to use flash and Lightroom to mimic the sun (exercise files and presets included).
  • S3: Shooting Stories That Sell: Start selling by storytelling.
  • Special EFX Couples Portraits: The Special FX course is an advanced workshop that offers condensed shoot-to-post recipes for what we call "signature" engagement and wedding portraits. While each tutorial features a couple, you can easily adapt these techniques to solo portraits as well. This collection of standalone tutorials is organized from Basic to Advanced techniques.
  • Unscripted, Photoshoot BTS, Season 1: Go behind the scenes on real client shoots.
  • Wanderlust Portrait Workshop: Learn how to shoot and edit dark and moody portraits.

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