Pathways are short, topical guides to help Premium Members navigate our large library of content. While we recommend that you watch our full workshops in their entirety, we also understand that you may want a quick step-by-step reference to our best videos related to your specific needs.


Complete Posing Pathway

Goal: Improve your communication, posing and directing abilities. Posing is one of the most intricate aspects of portrait photography. The most subtle change in a pose can distinguish the difference between your subject feeling confident vs....

Advanced Engagement Photography Pathway

Goal: Expand your creativity and create a cohesive story. Now that you've mastered your first couple of engagement sessions, let's kick it up a notch. As we mentioned in our Beginner Engagement Photography Pathway, the best way to become a better...

Beginner Engagement Photography Pathway

Goal: Learn how to shoot your first engagement session.  Engagement photography, or pre-wedding photoshoots, provide photographers with an opportunity to develop communication and trust with clients prior to the wedding day.  These...

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