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2-Light Stacking for Painterly Portraits
Painterly Portraits Part II: Stepping into the Details
Classic 2-Light Front and Back
2-Light Backlighting for Environmental Portraits
Double Diffusion w/ Rim Lighting for Definition
Dramatic Portraits: Wide vs Closed Apertures
Double Pin Lighting for 2-Subject Portraits
Double Pin Lighting w/ Motion via Shutter Drag
Hollywood 2-Light Pattern w/ Double Exposure
Double Backlight for Two-Subject Portraits
Backlighting for Rain and Air Particles
3-Light Special FX Setup for any Background
Lighting and Shooting Through a Foreground
3-Light Starburst Light Pattern
3-Light Starburst Light Pattern Part II
How Gels Manipulate Ambient Light
Our 3 Favorite Gels for Ambient Light Manipulation
Brushing Up on the Portable Silhouette
3-Point Lighting within a Portable Silhouette
Simple Light Compositing for Incredible Effect
Creating a Wrapping Backlight Even at Night
Framing within a Shadow Part I & Part II
Day Versus Night in a Single Exposure
Lighting with Double Exposures

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"Pye and the team at SLR Lounge have always been my go-to educators when it comes to learning lighting because they teach incredibly complex techniques in a simple, easy to follow presentation. Pyeā€™s relevant, real-world experience on how to make baller lighting is second to noneā€”especially for on-the-go photographers that shoot in high-paced and constantly changing environments. The opportunity to partner with SLR Lounge as experts in lighting education is a no brainer. They get it!"

Spencer Boerup

Owner/Founder of MagMod


Lighting 3, Advanced Off Camera Flash is the third course in the Location Lighting Mastery Series and is all about multi-point lighting to create images that stand out from the crowd.  All techniques are demonstrated using a variety of highly portable gear and light modifiers and also include what we call “power translations” so that you can know the exact power settings used, and how to recreate that light with any flash or modifier you already own. 

This course is fast paced, and builds upon knowledge from Lighting 1 and Lighting 2 to take you to a new level of lighting refinement, so be ready to dive in.  You will walk away with classic light patterns and formulas that are recipes to a unique and beautiful image no matter the scene or situation. You will learn lighting and special effects techniques to create images that will wow your clients.


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What People Are Saying About Lighting 3

This stacked light technique to accentuate face is just awesome and would probably never occur to me on my own without this tutorial!
- Jiri B, Workshop Member

What's great about these tutorials is not only the technical set-up etc, which one would expect, but the extra detail, which although I have shot a few of these setups (not as expertly or I wouldn't be watching!), I had often not managed to quantify why a shot doesn't work or doesn't feel right. Details such as the client not looking into the camera in this one seems obvious, but personally I hadn't registered exactly why I didn't like some of my own shots, and this is like a lightbulb moment.......
- Tessa S, Premium Member

This was an awesome workshop. A ton of useful information. I will be returning to portions of it to review and refresh my memory as I practice the techniques. Great job everyone!
- Musicalgal1, Premium Member

Wow, this is soooooooo good, i absolutely love this course, great techniques and easy to understand. I was also impressed with the film production, great job Pye and crew!
- Timothy B, Premium Member


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